When you go to all the trouble of writing on your blog, and posting on social media sites, you want people to not only pay attention but to take action (like, to click or go and buy something).

These four tips will help you create great content and inspire action. They are from one of my favorite sources for great advice on all things social media: The Social Media Examiner. Author Luke Summerfield simplifies the "how to's" and goes over why understanding "behavior triggers" can help you get more out of your social marketing. Below are the takeaways. Read the article if you want more detailed explanations and info on how our brains work.

The bottom line: Visual and emotional content inspires action.

  1. Use facial images and choose facial expressions that match the emotion you're trying to inspire in the viewer. 
    Human beings have an instinct to be attracted to other people's faces, and look at faces for non-verbal cues about the situation. Use images with people in them.

    I could do better at this. Sigh. I sort of got it right in this image (okay, no face but you get the point), but many of the other images I use have no people in them. This is why I'm here, not only to help YOU but so I can learn too. 
  2. Inspire emotions in your viewers, help them "feel" the experience. 
    Your images (and videos) should show others having a powerful experience. When your viewers feel emotions it helps them  relate to you, and they will be more attached to you and your brand.
  3. Connect with people by sharing familiar memories.
    Everyone has childhood and other memories. The good ones. Tap into the warm fuzzies with images that evoke familiar memories. I see those types of images on Facebook and other social media all the time. They grab my heart and often bring tears to my eyes. People will associate those emotions with you and your brand.
  4. Offer up something new, and be sure to deliver on it.
    Yes, people are drawn to all things familiar, but they are equally as interested in new things. Newness wakes up our brains. Just don't go overboard using "New!" in your email communication. Spam filters love to block emails that overuse that word.

If you've got images that have been effective for you, do share a link to them by commenting here. We can all learn together what works (and what doesn't)!

Source: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/behavio...
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