Got questions? We've got answers...

Who would use your services?

Just about anyone who at their core has a passion to CREATE.

Fine Artists / Entrepreneurs / Home-based Freelancers / Professional Speakers / Sales Professionals / Attorneys / Educators / Doctors / Architects / Coaches / Consultants / Restaurants / Contractors / Authors / Researchers / Graphic Designers / Web Masters / Programmers


How do I know you'll do a good job?

Successful partnerships, and quality service, are what we value most. Our reputation is on the line with every bit of work we do. We are dedicated to providing quality services based in a foundation of integrity and high standards of conduct. Whatever projects you entrust to us, you can be certain we'll do a thorough and professional job based on your criteria, and that we’ll only take work that we have the skills and time for.

We have many client testimonials; you can read a few of them throughout this web site. Of course, we will provide references upon request.

I’m not sure what projects I can turn over to you!

A handy exercise is to keep list of tasks/projects that you: would like someone else to handle, really don’t like to do, and find take time away from what you do best and make you feel bogged down.

How do we work together from a distance? What equipment do I need?

It's easy. all you need is office equipment that you probably already have. You'll be amazed at what can be accomplished, whether we're next door or thousands of miles away!

What equipment & software are used?

Being creative types ourselves, we use Mac computers with plenty of computing power and two backup systems; a wide variety of Apple, Microsoft, Microsoft Office, Adobe and other software.  

Is it cost effective?

Yes, yes it is. It costs less than it would to hire someone to come to your studio, home or office when you consider that you don't have to provide space for a new person, train them, supervise them, buy them a computer and office furniture to use, spend time doing payroll for them, and so on. We are a business and we pay all of our own operating expenses, including taxes. All you pay for is the time we spend doing the work you need done.

I’m interested! What’s the next step?

We talk on the phone about your business and schedule, and discuss what we can do to provide support for you. You may want to start slowly and have us handle a few things, and go from there. Or, you may want us to jump in with a new website or handle all the things that have been weighing you down. Whatever YOU are comfortable with.

Once we have decided to work together, we will send a contract that will serve as a legal document for our business agreement. It will clearly state our business relationship. Then we're ready to get started!