What We Do

- Websites and Social Media
- Graphic Design
- Email Newsletters, Databases and
  Contact Management
- Website / Software Tutoring
- Marketing Plans and Execution

"You were referred to me by my sister who said how fantastic her experience was with you building their website. I completely concur. You did an outstanding job listening to my thoughts and ideas and building a site based on that input and ideas. Not an easy job, I am sure! You worked quickly and promptly provided me a very polished and professional site. After that ~ you made me a personalized video to help me understand how to navigate as an admin person on my new website. That was very helpful and useful. After my training that you conducted with me via telephone ~ I feel confident and ready to take on the admin of my website and yet I always know you are there if I need you. GREAT job Robin and thank you. I have already referred others to you and that will continue. - Julianne Benson, Your Temple Wellness yourtemplewellness.com

How You Benefit:

Be more profitable.

It's a wise investment when you invest in getting help. You'llhave more time to focus on growing your business, your business will run smoother, and you'll make more money.

Shape your life for your happiness and get what you most want.

Whatever your vision includes, we want that for you too.  We'll help you streamline your business systems, and you'll be able to more easily shape your life to match your dreams.

Experience less stress, more time, and a huge sense of relief.

When you take some of the stuff off your plate that you don't really like doing and let us handle it for you, you'll feel a huge sense of relief and your creative juices will flow more easily. You'll have more time to focus on what really makes you happy and successful, and you'll experience less stress.  

Be more energetic and productive.

The time and space you regain can be used for anything you want. Without the mundane tasks weighing you down you, will feel lighter and have more energy. You will be more productive and enjoy what you're doing more.


Imagine how it will feel to NOT have to do those things that were weighing you down and holding you back. Imagine watching as they get done, efficiently and cost-effectively. It's that "Yipee! I don't have to do that any more" feeling.  Imagine having more time, less stress, more clarity. More JOY! You can have all that if you want it. We'd love to help!

No matter where you are in growing your business, we'll meet you there. 

As a creative person in business for yourself, you know how hard it can be to focus on growing your business. You'd really rather be in your studio, out and about, or at your computer doing what you love instead of pouring money into solutions that eat up your valuable time or solutions that don't work. Whether you need a website or ongoing business support services, let us create cost-effective solutions for you.

How? By allowing us to work with you on administrative, marketing and website projects that are weighing you down, blurring your vision, and holding you back. It's all those things you're now doing yourself (or that just aren't getting done) that are keeping you from pursuing the inspirations you've been yearning to get going on and that you know are critical to growing your life and your business.

Whatever work you entrust to us, you can be certain we'll do a thorough and professional job based on your criteria. Because our reputation is on the line with everything we do, we’ll only take work that we have the skills and time for. Successful partnerships and providing quality services are what we value most. Our clients feel supported and regain time while we handle the details. 


Websites and Social Media

Need a website or have one that's looking a bit out-of-date? We offer custom and very cost-effective websites that you can (if you want) learn to update yourself. Take a peek here. We specialize in low-cost website design and maintenance (because your website is just part of your total marketing strategy and shouldn't use up your whole budget); ads; collection and analysis of website statistics; online calendar management; shopping cart setup and maintenance. 

Got a blog or need to setup (or keep up) your social networking? We can help with all the popular blog/website formats, so you'll stay up-to-date and connected with timely posts.

Social media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. Account setup, customized pages, maintenance, training. We can help you decide which is best for you.

For TeleClasses and online meetings, we can help you choose the right platform, get it set up, and schedule your events including getting your class and meeting materials to participants, class reminders and follow-up activities.


Graphic Design

We use several powerful graphics programs to create or modify images and documents of all types for use in Websites, Portfolios, Advertisements, Brochures, Newsletters, Catalogs, Banners, Sales Materials, just about anything. Also, Photograph Scanning / Retouching / Resizing / OCR / Image Scanning, and Graphic File Format Conversion.


Email Newsletters, Database and Contact Management

We can help you get all that information into a useable, searchable format. Everything you need to create and maintain your customer, contact and information/image databases: Data Entry, Mail merge, Sorting, Analysis, Import/Export for Use in Email Broadcasting, Direct Mail, Reports.

Then we'll get you set up to send out newsletters with broadcasting system setup, template design, content management, and more.


Website / Software Tutoring

Let us help you become more computer proficient. We’ll walk you through it, one-on-one, and will document your most-used procedures for future reference.


Marketing Plans & Execution

We can help you create and execute cost-effective marketing strategies: Email Broadcasting & Newsletters; Bulk Mailings; Ad Creation and Placement; Mail List and Contact List Management; Project Management; Seminar and Event Planning; Internet & Market Research, and much more.

Robin and Sagara Development were a joy to work with. They did my website as well as the website of a non-profit arts group I’m involved with. In both instances, Robin was a clear communicator, a source of abundant information, honest, and true to the deadlines we’d established. I’m an artist and writer but a complete technophobe and Robin smoothly handled everything that would have sent me into an institution had I tried to tackle it myself. She made a daunting process quick and easy. I’m grateful!
— Tamara Moan, Oahu, HI

I am not sure I communicated to you how much I appreciated the work you did for me. It truly was a godsend. I will be sure to refer you to anyone who needs your special talent.
— Paul Lacombe, Executive Coach, Los Angeles
I nicknamed Robin The Wiz because of her keen ability to find the best, least cost solution for any problem related to business and marketing. She does not shrink from any web marketing challenge and comes up with innovative ways to capture opportunities quickly. Far more than a pair of hands, Robin is a great mentor for individuals and true strategic partner for any web entrepreneur.
— Aletta de Wal, Artist Advisor and Art Marketing Strategist, Los Altos CA