Staying focused. Hard to do sometimes, especially in the presence of a “bright shiny object.” My bright shiny objects are apps, software, computers, iPads, books, and kitchen gadgets. What's yours? It’s different for everyone, but it’s whatever distracts you from what you need to be doing. 


Working from home, it's very (very) easy to get distracted. I tell myself "I'll take a break, for five minutes, and find that kitchen gadget I saw..." An hour later, where did the time go?  I should be working!

Here's a tip, from one easily distracted person to another (you?) - don't deny yourself.  I’ve learned not to deny myself the time I enjoy looking at my bright shiny objects, I just do it strategically. What works for me is giving myself some time at the end of the day or after dinner. If I try to make myself wait till the weekend, it just doesn’t work. If I need to limit the amount of time, I set a timer and leave it in front of me.

That's it! Hope it helps you stay focused AND enjoy your bright shiny objects.


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