Who We Are:

What can we do to help you? A lot! Our style is to be very involved in learning how you work and learning what you need. We want to support you in a way that not only gives you the best value, but supports your long-term growth as well. We'll ask questions and listen carefully to your answers.

We’ve been supporting our clients for many years by providing highly customized, top-notch administrative / marketing / websites / web presence support. Our solutions are customized just for you and are very cost-effective.  

About Robin Sagara

  • Loves to support creative people in becoming very successful

  • Passionate seeker of cost-effective, creative solutions

  • Apple enthusiast (seriously)

  • Avid cook

Robin provides stellar administrative, marketing and web presence support for her clients by capitalizing on her relentless passion to find the very best cost-effective solution for any problem related to business and marketing. She also has a knack for coming up with innovative ways to capture opportunities quickly, which goes a long way towards her clients' success and happiness.

When not working Robin can be found traveling with Harry, dallying in Photoshop, in the kitchen playing in the food, or at her computer feeding her ever-curious brain. 

About Harry Sagara

  • Retired aerospace engineer/project manager

  • Loves helping artists with websites

  • Apple enthusiast

  • Hardware geek

After retiring from the aerospace industry, Harry met Robin and found romance and a second career working with her to support clients.  Harry loves art and has great computer, photography, and technical skills.

When not working Harry can be found traveling with Robin, following professional football, indulging his love of photography, working on home improvement projects, volunteering at the local community center, and keeping up on the latest hardware and software solutions.

Robin and Harry live in Los Angeles, California.  


Giving Back

We believe that even the smallest action can be a powerful tool for change.

Our program is pretty simple: We use 2% of gross revenue to support programs designed to provide  support and education for people in crisis to help them get to a place  of stability and self-sufficiency.   We also use 3% of our gross revenue to help fund arts programs in public schools and to help fine artists and creatives who need, but cannot yet afford, the business support we provide.

Robin - thanks for your assistance - I feel very professionally supported and it’s fun to work with you. You are a salve to my entrepreneurial brain!
— Aletta de Wal, Artist Advisor and Art Marketing Mentor, Artist Career Training
Running a business today requires so many skills, it is nearly impossible to possess them all. With Robin Sagara on my team, I can concentrate on what I do best...and let her worry about the technical aspects.
— Roger Freeman, President, Infectious Awareabales