Ongoing learning is critical these days, and I spend a couple of hours each week taking workshops and attending seminars/webinars from people I trust to keep me current and informed.


One of those companies is I buy most of my stock images from them, and rely on their website articles and webinars to stay current on the use of images in marketing and branding.  Their recent webinar on The Yin and Yang of Powerful Brand Stories was simply great. You can watch it also and learn "how to get your brand noticed using strong words and images together to create a consistent and compelling brand story."

It's hosted by the Head of Creative Planning at iStock, Rebecca Swift and the former VP of Brand for Virgin and Founder/CEO of BrandTwist, Julie Cottineau. They know their stuff, and I learned a lot. Whether you just post on Facebook occasionally or you have a long-term strategy for marketing your business, you will greatly benefit from this presentation. Oh, and it's free (and I don't get anything by recommending them, I just think they are stellar).

You will get:

  • Tips and tools to help you create a cohesive brand identity.
  • Info on how to combine your visual and verbal identities into one.
  • Knowledge on how to identify your "brand tone" and why it's important.
  • Skills to achieve word/image balance and make sure they are in sync.
  • Knowledge on how to fix gaps between your promise and the experience.
  • Examples of brands who have mastered it.
  • Skills to search smarter for images, and how to decide which of your own images are best for you to use.
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