I learned this treasured piece of advice while shopping with my daughter for shoes, many years ago. The very nice, older shoe salesman was talking about his marriage and why he felt it was a success. What he told me was gold, and I've since used his advice in our business as well as in my personal life.

He said, "The most important thing in relationships is what happens first and last. That's what people will remember, no matter what happens in between."


He went on to explain that in the morning when he and his wife got up, they tried to make sure the first thing that happened was pleasant, and the last before they went to sleep.  A kind word, a shared moment, a smile, a hug.  

I've read the same advice in marketing books, about how your first and last contact with people are the most important moments. That's what they remember. It's absolutely true. It's not about selling, but it is ALL about building relationships.

Think about it and notice how many times throughout your day you have opportunities to make your firsts and lasts special.

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