I've said it before and it's time for a reminder: It is professional suicide to use poor quality images on your printed materials and online.

By "poor quality" I mean doing what I've seen many creatives do (really truly):  They stand in front of the image they want to capture with their cell phone, in bad light, with shadows, off to one side, out of focus, and snap a picture.  Ack!!! 

It IS totally okay to do that if your art is to take photos with a cell phone or you need on-the-fly snapshots for your blog. But that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about images of your work, your art, your products, and you.  

Since you sell stuff (you're in business) it's all about presenting yourself the best way possible. I want you to use images that are clear, crisp, and beautiful. 

Think of it this way: Would you want your images displayed at a gallery with no lighting, where they hang your work far below or far above eye level, where they make everyone stand to the side, and view the work from behind dirty tinted glass? Well, that's what you're making them do when you use poor quality images.

Visually promoting your business starts with great images.  

I'm not saying spend a fortune, just spend enough to get a great image. You can do it yourself IF you know what you're doing (you have the skills of a professional photographer), or you can save the time and angst and have a photographer (or a scanning service) do it.

Oh, BTW, that IS real art in the image, done by our daughter Dani over 25 years ago. Sorry Dani. I made your wonderful art look bad. Just remember that you're helping other creative people do better. So, thanks!

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