Have you ever made the wrong moves when you wanted to connect with someone, in business or in your personal life? I sure have! Ouch.

Creating opportunities means connecting with people, which can be problematic for even the most extroverted among us. For introverts (like me and most of our clients) it can be downright excruciating. But not to worry, this ten minute video really helped me shift my mindset about it all and be more comfortable (and successful) in connecting with people to create opportunities.

What kind of opportunity maker might you become? "More than wealth, or fancy titles, or a lot of contacts, it's our capacity to connect around each other's better side and bring it out” says presenter Kare Anderson.

For the best results she suggests seeking out people UNLIKE ourselves, as opposed to people who think exactly like we do which will keep us in a less-than-creative comfort zone. Connecting with people different from ourselves enables us to create better opportunities. Kare mentions that people who do this successful are often fascinated by the differences between themselves and others. I have experienced this fascination. It's quite wonderful and really fuels my creativity.

It’s a shift in mindset. Once you feel it, you’ll want to have it more.  

As Kare says, “When you connect with people around a shared interest and action, you’re accustomed to have serendipitous things happening into the future.” Open yourself to the opportunities. Watch the video and have a wonderful holiday season!

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AuthorRobin Sagara