How often should you update your website? Whenever the information and images on your website become dated, when you have new information to add, and when you have finished and photographed new work or new products. No less than four times per year, in my opinion.  Then viewers, and search engines, can see that you are active and productive.

Very often I see websites that have not been updated in years.  Lack of current blog posts, old resumes and bios, old copyright dates, and no recent information make it very easy for the viewer to assume that you are no longer in business, not creating anything new, or that you're not really serious.

Also, make sure the design and navigation of your website are up-to-date and looking fresh. If your site hasn't had a facelift in a year or more, it's time.

Mark your calendar so you don't forget.  Get some help if you need it. It's not a good use of your time to spend hours struggling with it and your results may look less than professional.  

Contact me if you need help. Websites are a big part of what we do to help keep you going strong.

All my best to you and yours!


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