You've heard the expression, "If I had a nickel for every time....."  Me too, but now I can say that I actually got $9 for every time someone said the F word. They said it a LOT.

I was editing a sound recording of a conversation for a client and cleaning it up for publication, which included editing out many instances of the F word and other expressions that might offend listeners (aka future or current customers).

You know, lots of "F-ing this" and "F-ing that."

Ask your recording participants not to swear. It'll save you lots of money during editing.

Anyway, it's very labor-intensive to edit all that out of an audio (or video) recording and have it end up sounding coherent. I mention this because I'd like to save YOU money down the road.

If you do audio or video recordings of interviews, classes or conversations you can save a lot of time and money by asking the participants to refrain from swearing. It's not that I don't want to take your money, I do. It's just that I feel guilty taking it when I know the cost can be avoided (or minimized).

Sure, it's not always possible to have zero swearing and other unpleasantries on your recording, some people feel it's important that they use ALL their words, and I use all my words too (just not in every sentence and certainly not when I'm being recorded). However, if possible, it really can save you a lot of money in editing time to make an effort to keep them to a minimum.

I'm just sayin.  ;-D

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