Robin: "Harry, stop drinking my coffee, I'm using it in a photo. And stay away from that cheesecake!"

Harry (taking a sip of coffee as he reaches for the cheesecake): "Why are you taking pictures of your breakfast?"

Robin: "Put the coffee and the cheesecake BACK where they were. You can have them in 60 seconds. I want a good photo. I might need it. Sometimes I really like the meal I made and want to remember what I did. Sometimes I might post it on social media, like Instagram where I post fun stuff and follow other people who are into cooking."

Harry (taking another sip of Robin's coffee): "Your food is getting cold."


Do YOU take photos of your food? How about your art and/or products in the process of being created? Hobbies? Travels? What about photos of you at work?

You should. Sure, you may not ever use them online, but trust me on this one. When you look at them later, you'll be surprised and will say something like, "Oh my gosh! I forgot that I did that and how well it worked out. I'm glad I took a photo!"

There are many places you can use interesting photos that will actually enhance your marketing efforts. After looking at years worth of statistics from dozens of websites, I know that the most interesting pages to viewers tend to be pages (like blogs, About pages, and social media posts) that contain what I call "process pictures." You know, pictures that show how you create what it is you create. You in the process of life and work. Those kinds of images give the viewer insight into you as a person, both personally and professionally. Viewers love it, really. 

Just about every creative person we work with has been reticent to use these types of images in their marketing efforts. Me too. I'm not sure why that is. It sometimes feels uncomfortable to share, or I'm afraid that people will think I'm less professional or strange (for taking pictures of my breakfast). But after being cautious about my online "tattoo" (as in, if you post it it's pretty much permanent) I will post them. Their popularity and effectiveness is reflected in the responses I get. It works, and I enjoy the comments that viewers share with me too. It's always great to hear, "I do that too! That's awesome."

Go try it, and if anyone gives you grief about it, tell them "Robin said so."

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