Have you noticed that unless your office is a castle tower with a locked door and no technology it’s pretty much impossible to keep your work and personal life separate?  


We tried, oh we tried. For years we struggled to follow the very popular advice of “not bringing our work home with us” (even though we worked from home) believing that the separation would give us the work-life balance we craved. Finally, we asked ourselves the same question we ask clients all the time:  “Ignoring what's considered to be the 'right' way, would another way maybe work better for YOU?” 

We admitted to ourselves that it probably wasn't possible nor we didn't really WANT to keep them totally separate. So, it began (the big mix) and it temporarily got worse before it got better. Have you noticed that many things are like that? Without the walls up and the “rules” in place, work issues managed to saturate every corner of our lives, fast. There were bedtime work discussions, mealtimes turned into meetings, car rides discussing client strategy, and trips that became working vacations. It was stressful, and not much fun.

However, we stuck with it. We noticed what worked for us and what didn't. Lunchtime meetings?  Fun! Bedtime work discussions? No, seriously, nope. Over time things started to mesh and flow, stress levels went down, fun and creativity went up and so did our income. We found a balance that works for us.

So, to whatever degree you want to weave your business and personal lives together, that's okay. It’s not just about making money, it’s about sculpting a life that you love that is doable every day and sustainable over the long haul. 

All our best to you and yours,


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