You may not have a clean separation between your work life
and the other parts of your life. You may love that every part of your life infuses and inspires your work. But, there are times when the interruptions can drive you crazy.


Working from home with the flexibility to make your own schedule is awesome. However, sometimes the inevitable interruptions can make you hopelessly unproductive (and really irritable). 

When I started our business back in the late ’90’s interruptions were a huge problem. Family figured that because I was home, I was available. They didn't seem to understand that I was working and needed to focus. Setting some boundaries was in order. I told them that between the hours of 10 and 4 I was not available in person, by phone, or to be yelled at ("Are you available now?") from the hallway. I even put up a Do Not Disturb sign. They didn’t like not having me instantly available but I sure liked being able to focus on my work. 

These days it’s just me and Harry at home being empty nesters so it's not such a big issue.  For those times when I need to focus 100% without interruptions I let him know how long I'll be in "do not disturb" mode, and then I don't check email or answer the phone either. It works.

I read somewhere about an executive at a big company who set his "no interruptions" time in hour and a half increments (emergencies excepted). He knew that there is almost nothing in life that can't wait and hour and a half. For him, having that time to focus was what enabled him to be effective at his job and maintain his sanity. 

Set some limits, allow yourself the space and time you need to focus. Put up the Do Not Disturb sign. You can even have a sign for later that says, "Available now. Free hugs!"

My family got over it, so will your yours.

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AuthorRobin Sagara
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