Seems like every week I get an email from a social media site explaining the new and improved rules. You? Is your head spinning from all the frequent changes?  Mine is.

Much of it isn't critical and you don't have to do anything about it. "New and improved time line!" "More ads for your shopping pleasure."  Yeah, well, so it goes.

Sometimes it IS critical, like when your privacy is involved. So I scan those emails looking for anything that directly affects me and then I go log in to the site and check it out. As a rule I do not click on links in email (unless I'm really really sure it's legit - check the From email address.).

Trying to stay up to date on all things social media could be a full time job, so I rely on a site I've mentioned before: Social Media Examiner. If you have a question about social media, go there to find an intelligent, researched answer. I get a lot of emails from them and then share the most critical information with you.

This week, "How to Check Social Media Privacy Settings" is a great article and relevant for us all. It will show you how to adjust your privacy settings so you share only what you want with the people you want. All the social media sites are different, so it's important to check all of them, often. I have a quarterly automatic reminder in my calendar along with paying attention to email updates.

The article explains about Facebook privacy, profile and photo settings and shows how to adjust them. Also Instagram, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest setting adjustments are covered.

Gotta run, going to check my settings now...  ;-D

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