Judy is a wonderful artist and writer who lives on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. Her work is what she calls "Painting the magic in life" and what I call "eye candy with spirit" as it speaks not only to our eyes but our souls as well. Thank you Judy for your work and your wisdom!

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Just Cut That Out!

by Judy Aveiro

Every moment counts, in very meaningful ways.  Your energetic savings account depends entirely on you. The math is simple and consistency is key.  So is awareness, diligence, and a willingness to put a check on unconscious habits of thinking.

I’m concerned today with energy leaks and how debilitating they can be.  Putting off a not-so-fun task, changing who we are to please someone else, or fretting over how to say no to a friend are a few examples of what I mean.  A common leak occurs when we choose to focus on the one thing that’s not working well in our lives (business, relationship, the world) instead of all the many things that are.

First Wash, outlining drawn with non-dominant hand, white-out still on structure outlines and waves. My intention was to feel carefree, loose, light-hearted. I really like how this turned out.

Stuff just keeps happening, right?  Our choice is simple:  positive thought, or not.  We don’t have to insulate ourselves from our lives.  It’s more about consciously choosing the thought or action that can immediately improve our mood.  This is the only moment that matters.  Teaching yourself to feel better right now helps clear the way for more future fun things to find you. 

Simply put: Something bugs you, which starts a mental downward spiral.  Whatever you focus on grows, and every force requires food.  Since you’re the closest, most recognizable resource, that means you.  Given time and the snowball effect, this negative slide can consume thoughts, rewire emotions, and deplete health.  

Fortunately, no Herculean effort is required, merely a gentle shift in focus.  For example: that icky-feeling task?  Spend a few moments to prepare the day before.  Say to yourself, “Tomorrow, first thing, I am going to take care of this and won’t that feel great?”  Take a moment to visualize how good it will feel to cross that item off your list.  Next, get everything you’ll need lined up.  Now, let it go.  You have already prepared yourself for action so you can now relax.  The self-appointed time arrives,  the stage is set, you feel refreshed, and off you go.  

It doesn’t even have to be the whole task, either.  A sense of accomplishment is what you’re after, the feeling of empowerment which comes from organized, thoughtful action.

I’m having a blast following my impulses, choosing random colors to outline the now lifted white-out parts. Very happy with the fun, quirky feel of this painting. Is it a city? A birthday cake?? Are those statues??? I’m going to follow my impulse to somehow shadow the grouping, something like a sunset-halo, so here goes...

Other suggestions for self-talk include:  “I won’t always work like this and it’s ok for me right now.”  “I’ve survived stuff like this before; I can do it again.”  “Things usually work out fine for me.”  “I’m responsible for my own happiness and it’s not my job to make others happy.”  Personally, I use, “Change!” and, “Judy, mind your own business!”  Both make me laugh at myself which immediately frees me to move on.  Another great question to ask yourself is: “What would make me happy right now?”

Creating anything invites chaos.  Especially at times when you reach for more.  I’m exploring, what if-ing, giving in to impulses a lot lately.  Feeling brave one moment and then, “Yikes!  Why did I do that?!”  So easy to start in on myself.  Happily, I’ve been able to switch to, “I can make this work” or “It sure will be interesting to see how this turns out.”  Sometimes, I close up shop for awhile; other times, I feel compelled to keep going, curious to see what I’ll do next.

And…Oops. Rats. Sigh….I’m disappointed at this stage how the right side where I added the halo looks too closed in, too heavy. I'll put this painting aside (as every time I look at it, I mentally kick myself in my creative butt). My new self-talk? “Change!” and "Hmmm, I wonder how I’m gonna fix this one?” (For now, it’s a mystery but I’ll keep you posted.)

Employing these kinds of phrases builds your personal energy account.  You’ll feel immediately better, a bonus in itself.  In addition, you’ll have freed your brain to think up other options or ideas.  In a flash, you’ve become more attractive to anyone or anything out there that might prove beneficial to you.  Positive thoughts emit positive signals which attract more of the same.  It’s magnetic, it’s powerful, and it feels great.

So, the next time something starts bugging you, remember you have a choice.  Honestly, why settle for anything less? 

Just go make a mess!


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