I'm big on not reinventing the wheel. If I'm going to spend time on Facebook and social media I want my time to be productive (if it's for business) and fun (for personal stuff). One way I do that is to let others "mentor" me on what's working, drastically shortening my learning curve.

Here are some tips from a great article from one of my favorite sources, SocialMedia Examiner, showing how companies like Hershey's, Jeep, MAC Cosmetics, Olive Garden Restaurant, and Quicksilver are maximizing their Facebook posts. 

  • One post always has more than one purpose. Multiple Facebook tactics add up to big viewer response and engagement. Of course they use their FB page to introduce new products, announce events, and show their latest ads/videos. Then they will tie that to other efforts.  For example, they tie their FB posts to efforts to build their subscription list by offering to let viewers know when new products will be available.
  • Great images (and videos) are a must. They almost always post a beautiful image along with the text. Whether it's their latest product, a related product, an event, or a recipe, great images attract viewers. Mostly it's images, with a few videos mixed in.
  • They use information from their posts to tailor their future posts and offerings. They even use open-ended and multiple-choice questions for market research. 
  • If someone mentions them on FB or another social media site, they post about it on FB, and thank the other person/company with a link back to the original mention. 
  • They tend to be low-key and shy away from "in your face" posts, letting the picture do the talking. They are not pushy, and they don't over sell.
  • They ask viewers to post in selfies (images of themselves) with their product. It's called "user-generated content."
  • They often multi-purpose the post with #hastags for Twitter or other social media sites.
  • They give viewers what they want. Information on sales, new products/services, special discounts (along with great images, natch).
  • They ASK viewers what they want and that gets their fans talking.
  • They reply to just about every comment. Viewers feel heard and appreciated. If there is a negative comment, they will often ask the viewer to email them directly about it so they can help find a solution.

Go read the entire article, it's a treasure trove of info YOU can use.

Source: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/brands-...
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